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Daily Social Services
Many recent Chinese immigrants face huge obstacles to become fully integrated into American society in order to assume their roles as fully participating and contributing citizens. Becoming established in this new homeland requires interacting with many new, unfamiliar, and often confusing systems.  While such social systems are designed to assist new arrivals, navigating them and dealing with the accompanying mass of paperwork can be difficult without assistance.
CSSC can help Chinese families, including their children and seniors, with the following areas:

CSSC is a front-line organization providing such support and assistance; and CSSC is the only agency, working with Chinese immigrants, that fully understand their culture, and who can offer help in their own language.

  • Applying for Supplemental Security Income(SSI)
  • Enrolling in Medicare, Medical Assistance, or MN Care
  • Applying for and securing public housing
  • Arranging for child care assistance, enrolling children in WIC, Headstart programs
  • Counseling parenting skills in order to more effectively support their children in           this new culture
  • Help community members learn how to search for and obtain employment
  • Addressing personal difficulties, such as problems with gambling
  • Provide education on how to handle stress encountered by new arrivals, and               identifying resources for psychological support and counseling
  • Providing translation services when meeting with officers and applying for various      programs, interacting with medical personnel, and other areas where language           limitations complicate activities
  • Providing transportation in order to keep appointments with government, school,      health and other offices
Health Counseling and Education
CSSC has provided health counseling and education for the Chinese community for past 8 years to reduce and eliminate their health ignorance and disparities among some community members.
We provide assistance to uninsured women ages 40 and up to 64 that have never or have not done any mammograms or pap smears for many years to take these screening tests. We refer these clients to SAGE clinics. For women between ages 40 to 64, they can come to SAGE Plus clinic not only to have mammograms, but also to have pap smears done.