About Us
   About Us
Chinse Social Service Center, its mission is a community-based Nonprofit organization committed to support Cultural and Social Adjustment of Chinese Americans, citizens and noncitizens,  in Minnesota.
It is the primary resource of social, cultural, and community services for Chinese Americans in Minnesota.
The Chinese population in Minnesota is over 28,500 and ranked as the third largest API community in the 2010 census.
The Chinese Social Service Center was founded  in 2002 as Twin Cities Chinese Counseling Center. Through the work of the founder and volunteers, the Center focused on providing social services for immigrants, refugees, from children to elderly in the Chinese community not only in Twin Cities metro area, but in Greater MN.  It acquired 501c(3) nonprofit status in February 2004.
In May 2006, the Twin Cities Chinese Counseling Center changed its name to Chinese Social Service Center (CSSC), and undertook a strategic initiative to grow the organization in order to broaden support of the community and better serve its needs. 
The Center focused on providing assistance for Chinese immigrants, refugees, from children to elderly in various social service areas, such as: government financial assistance, health care,  SS, SSI, child care assistance, headstart, WIC,  housing,  immigration assistance, employment referral, unemployment benefit, psycho-social counseling, and even crisis intervention. It provides basic program services to help community members to adjust life and be independent in American mainstream society.
The center has been serving over 4000 clients since its inception.